Kopke brings the highest quality fruit home

For over 86 years, four generations of the Kopke Family have carried on the tradition of bringing a diverse selection of fruit to families all over North America and beyond.

Along the way, we have invested in technology and the people to use it; improving our processes and our impact on the environment.

Fruit is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and we take responsibility and pride in getting this nutritious and delicious cargo where it needs to go. We pick only the highest quality and we move it efficiently to maintain freshness and flavor.

Partnerships make the difference

At Kopke, we are proud of the work that we do and the fruit that we represent. As an important part of the Food Supply Chain, we also acknowledge that we could not do it alone. It requires a dedicated workforce, and logistical planning. But it also requires partnerships.

We work with a wide range of industries to bring our fruit to market. Our network of partners share not only a passion for excellent produce, but also likeminded approaches to quality and speed. These synergies make Kopke the right choice when searching for a vertically integrated produce partner.

Our commitment to quality

When William H. Kopke Jr. started selling fruit back in 1937, the world was a different place. The one thing that has remained the same is a pursuit of the highest quality. Over time, this benchmark has helped Kopke to earn an industry-wide reputation for providing excellence. That extends beyond our fruit to logistics, customer service and sales. Experience the Kopke difference for yourself.