Food Safety & Sustainability

Our Quality Assurance department is dedicated to ensuring quality and providing satisfaction to our customers. All products are inspected upon shipment, arrival, and undergo another full inspection before being shipped to the customer. All members of our team stay in constant contact with headquarters, with constant reports and photos sent via email. We continuously meet – and exceed – quality standards set by the government.

For over 70 years, Kopke has imported the finest fruits from all over the world for distribution throughout North America. As a leading importer of fresh fruit from around the globe, the company continues to focus on bringing the finest imported products to the United States and Canada. We supply national, regional and local supermarkets throughout the continent as well as high end wholesalers and food service distributors. Kopke and quality are synonymous.

Every day, we at Kopke set our own challenging standards and measures to ensure that we consistently deliver excellence. Kopke imports and carefully monitors the highest quality produce possible; our deliveries are shipped promptly and safely; and we use strict quality standards that give the food industry confidence and peace of mind in our products. Kopke prides itself on our quality and freshness that cannot be rivaled.

At Kopke, we combine our commitment to quality with our passion for freshness by integrating the most advanced technologies in packaging, exporting, food safety, and e-commerce. This dedication results in our customers’ access to the best available produce in the industry. Our commitment to excellence—combined with our associations with some of the finest growers in the industry—keeps our customers coming back year after year.


Having been in the business for over seven decades, Kopke knows how to keep our business growing and thriving. In order for us to bring our customers the freshest, highest quality produce, it is essential that the environment stays healthy and whole through sustainable business-practices. Environmentally-friendly growing standards, environmental resource management, and environmental protection are key components of sustainability. At Kopke, we respect and depend upon the safety of the environment; this is reflected in our business practices to ensure that superior produce endures for generations to come.

Food Safety and Food Practices

We are committed to distribute the safest fresh produce available. Our HAACP accreditation, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certification, Primus Labs certification, USDA inspections, internal and third party audits support our successful food safety program.

Our facilities are operated legally, ethically and responsibly in a manner that benefits our communities and the environment. Through our environmental practices and those of our shippers and partners we are committed to act as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen: to provide a safe and healthy work environment and to seek methods of operation that are both socially responsible and economically sound.